The Kalber family would like to thank all those who have been so kind to us over the years.  We have had so much love in our lives… we are truly blessed.  As patriarch of our family, Floyd was larger than life.  To us he was Superman, The Lone Ranger and Matt Dillon all wrapped up in one guy.  And why not?  There he was on the TV, right along with those guys!  Fighting the battle for truth, justice and the American way.  Of course, he was very human, and had his shortcomings just like the rest of us.  One of those was smoking cigarettes… and the disease that was the result of years of smoking finally took his life.  The ravages of this devastating addiction reach throughout the family as we can now attest.  From Floyd and all of his family, one piece of advice, so do yourself and your family a favor… DON’T SMOKE!

Many thanks,

The Kalber Family

Betty, Mick (Ann) & Kathy

Ivory, Sage, Chris, Michael, Patrick & Molly


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