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It was a career that spanned 52 years; a career rich in history. Harry Truman was in the White House when it began, and before its end nine more Presidents would take office. One would be assassinated; another resign in disgrace. During those 52 years the world agonized through three wars, witnessed the dawn of the space age, watched the Berlin Wall rise and fall, along with the Soviet Union… and beheld the birth of television itself.
And it is a career not soon forgotten. It, and what it stood for, remain with us; in photographs from that half century; in pictures from observances leading up to Floyd Kalber’s retirement; in words spoken by his friends and co-workers, and in conversations with his son, Mick, who followed him into television news as a cameraman.

“A lot of people don’t realize how many people in this business Floyd touched. He stood for hard news. We didn’t do lifestyles, we didn’t do pretty stuff; we did hard news, day-to-day breaking hard news. And the idea was to cover the story, get it back and get it on the air that night. And that’s what Floyd taught a lot of us in the business. And they’re all over, particularly NBC, but all over Chicago, all over the country. People who Floyd taught hard day to day television news.”
- Bob Mulholland, former President, NBC

“I can take little credit for my success, it was a team effort. It was the result of hard work of all the dedicated people I worked with and the kindness of the television audience that allowed us into their homes. I am very, very grateful for all they gave me.” - Floyd Kalber

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"And Finally... The Floyd Kalber Story
The Life and Legacy of a Broadcast News Journalist

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